Scanning Documents & Bulk Scanning Service
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Scanning Documents & Bulk Scanning Service

Files in cardboard folders stacked on a desk waiting for collection and bulk scanning by PaperMountains document bulk document scanning service bureau.
Document Management, Secure Paper Shredding, Confidential Destruction, Book Scanning, Scanning Services Reclaim Office Space
Document Management, Secure Paper Shredding, Confidential Destruction, Book Scanning, Scanning Services Reduce Document Losses
Document Management, Secure Paper Shredding, Confidential Destruction, Book Scanning, Scanning Services Documents Backed Up
Document Management, Secure Paper Shredding, Confidential Destruction, Book Scanning, Scanning Services Only One Copy Of Document
Document Management, Secure Paper Shredding, Confidential Destruction, Book Scanning, Scanning Services Share Documents Easily
Document Management, Secure Paper Shredding, Confidential Destruction, Book Scanning, Scanning Services Reduced Costs
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Scan and reduce costs

Scanning or digitising paper documents offers a number of benefits to an organisation including increased efficiency, the need for less physical space, fewer lost pieces of paper and faster retrieval times. The result of implementing a scanning solution correctly is that your costs get driven down.

Let us take away the work of bulk document scanning

PaperMountains' bulk document scanning bureau will take your documents and scan them so you get all of the benefits of bulk scanning without having the infrastructure cost of high speed scanners, servers and software as well not having to train staff and remove them from their other tasks to prepare, scan and index the documents.

Electronic Document Archiving

Let PaperMountains collect and scan your paper to indexed, electronic documents which you can search for and view using our Online Archive, CD/DVD Archive or have them added to your own electronic document management (EDM) system system such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Documentum or Opentext Livelink.

One-off and bulk document scanning services

It does not matter if you only have a small amount of paper or millions of sheets of paper, our services and prices scale up and down to meet your requirements and the benefits you gain from scanning with PaperMountains scale with them.

Regular processing

PaperMountains has regular routes around the country collecting documents which need scanning on an ongoing basis so we can easily add you for weekly, monthly, yearly or custom regular collections.

Alternatively the PaperMountains virtual post room facility will process documents sent directly to us and we will do the rest; opening the envelopes, scanning and capturing the contents then sending you the data they contained directly into your back end systems.
  • Invoice Scanning
  • Scanning Credit Notes
  • Scanning General Files
  • Scanning Contract Files
  • Scanning in Coming Post

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Paper Document Scanning b Data Capture and Forms Processing Secure your documents during scanning and storage Store Documents Physically or Electronically Share and Distribute Documents search for documents and find them fast Automate document processing

Scan & backup paper documents

Using PaperMountains bulk paper scanning service bureau to scan your documents protects them from fire, flood pests and other risks associated with keeping physical paper archives.

After scanning your paper make it subject to the same backup and disaster recovery regime as your other electronic files so you no longer have a single point of failure as you get with file cabinets.

Get more office space by scanning paper

With your files safely digitised and available on computer systems you can either destroy the paper originals or send them to inexpensive off site storage which will leave you more office space to use for productive tasks.

Scan documents to spend less on paper storage

With paper destroyed or shipped to low cost storage you are no longer spending rent, rates and service charges to keep you paper.

Easier access with document scanning

Your document archive is a short search away on your desktop, alongside all your other files and databases, giving near instant access.

End of process bulk document scanning (Archive Scanning)

Sometimes known as archive scanning is for documents which have finished their live phase but which need to be stored. Document scanning is carried out, the electronic scanned images are entered into an electronic document management system with the original paper being shredded or placed into low cost document archiving.

PaperMountains bulk paper scanning bureau can process over 47 million pages per year and deliver high quality images, accurately indexed into an online archive or electronic document management system of your choice.

Early process document scanning

If you want to be proactive and stop the mountain of paper from building up then we can scan the paper as it comes in and use the captured electronic images and meta data to populate other systems such as accounts, CRM, SAP, sharepoint, invoice processing or, for that matter, any other application you want.

Virtual Mail Room Document Scanning

PaperMountains can set up a virtual mail or post room facility to handle the processing of your incoming documents. This can be for specific documents such as invoices in, staff questionnaires, customer surveys and application forms or a blanket service to cover all mail to a company, department or site.

Once the mail is delivered to us we act as an extension of your office; opening post, categorising it then scanning the contents of the post bag. Once scanned the correspondence is routed through electronic process driven workflows to capture data from them and deliver them back to you in the format you want.

We can also set up an automatic response service as well as re-route the documents to the correct department, for example a complaints letter might be responded to with an initial response and tracking letter and a call raised on your complaints management system with the relevant points populated automatically. Alternatively, application form data will be sent electronically to your systems to process the membership and invoices will be available for your users to find electronically whilst the data is automatically booked into your accounts payable system.

Bulk Scanning Documents To Reduce Loses

Once scanned your documents can be treated the same as any computer file which means they can be backed up, controlled and passed around as links, rather than physically in folders or envelopes. This means they wont be placed on desks, piles of paper, lost or returned to the wrong place.

Reclaim your office space with bulk document scanning

With all your paper files digitised and stored electronically you will be able to lose file cabinets and bankers boxes from your office, storeroom or warehouse. This reclaimed space can be used for more productive purposes or even relinquished to stop you spending as much.

No more multiple copies of the same document

Because all documents are available to all users electronically there is no need for copies to be made. This means everybody can be working on the current version all of the time and notes, annotations and changes made by one user are instantly available to all.