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Virtual Post Room - Mail Scanning Services

Mail Scanning Service with data capture incoming post in a digital virtual post room.
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Mail Scanning Services To Reduce Your Costs

High volumes of incoming post is a sign that an organisation is active, however a bulging post bag takes time to process with less important items of post such as gone away returns delaying the processing of business critical correspondence such as account applications, claims and invoices or any other document which starts or is part of a time critical business process.

Split the priority documents and process them electronically to start business processes automatically and deliver copies to recipients email inbox or put them directly into a supplier or clients file as case notes so that knowledge workers have all information to hand.

All this electronic processing cuts internal delivery costs and time spent handling paper across the organisation leaving you more efficient and spending less on processing the post.
PaperMountains mail scanning services will: scan, data capture incoming post in a digital virtual post room.

Let PaperMountains mail scanning services process incoming post.

Fully equipped and staffed digital post room will open and scan your correspondence as it arrives and then distribute it electronically to your staff and systems so that you can concentrate on the areas of your business which really matter.

Fast and reactive service

Because we handle post for a number of companies we are able to scale up and down very quickly to respond to seasonal trends in your postbag so when you send out a mailshot which generates thousands of gone away notification you don't need to worry about extra staff to help with the processing, we handle it seamlessly.

Tackle your biggest problems

Its easy to segment incoming post so that you can let PaperMountains handle the more difficult bulk, one off or sporadic correspondence such as gone away processing for accounts payable or marketing mail shots, customer or staff surveys, invoice or remittance processing, new membership or loyalty card forms which put the biggest strain on you at present whilst you continue to deal with what you choose.

Fits in with you

If you already operate a traditional internal post room this can be integrated with PaperMountains quickly and efficiently to provide a better more cost effective service.

Use the Contact Us Panel or FREEPHONE 0808 281 1100 now to find out more about mail scanning services, virtual post room and post room scanning.
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No more mountains of post

With bulk mail such as invoices, goneaways, questionnaires, membership application forms and staff or customer surveys being delivered to office, you may find yourself becoming swamped by documents. When you use our virtual post room service, you’ll gain back all of your office space because all of your post will be sent here!

No need to take time away from your employees other duties to open letters

When you send all your bulk mail such as invoices, questionnaires, membership application forms and staff and customer surveys to the PaperMountains Document Processing Centre, it leaves you and your employees with more time to focus on what you really need to, rather than the trivial matters of opening and sorting post.

No need to input all the data by hand

Forms, surveys, invoices, questionnaires, gone away documents, and any document that has large volumes of information to be collected and entered into your systems, will take up the time of your staff and rely on their concentration to deliver accurate results.

PaperMountains document processing bureau uses industry leading capture and validation software (including Kofax) and process to ensure fast, accurate acquisition of data from forms with the results transmitted direct to your line of business systems such as SAP, Oracle, Sage. In fact most systems have a way we can connect to most applications, give us a call to see how we can integrate with your existing applications.