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Accounts Receivable Processing and Remittance Processing

Process payment advice notes in accounts receivable department.
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Accounts Receivable

Although the accounts receivable (AR) or sales ledger department does not have the same issues as the purchase ledger department because it is in control of the out going invoices, Document Management can still play its part to streamline it's processes, make it more efficient and reduce costs dramatically.

Remittance Advice processing

The biggest win for the AR department is in processing remittance advice notes upon receipt. When a remittance advice is received by post, fax or email it can be processed using the same workflow which identifies the sender, the amount and which invoices the remittance is for, which is then passed to the accounts or SAP system for processing. Electronic images of the documents are instantly available for the accounts receivable staff to refer to. Cheques can be scanned using cheque scanners to ensure the quick and accurate capture of data if payment is received in that way.

System Or Service

PaperMountains can supply you all the equipment and expertise to get you processing remittance advise notes at your offices or can take the job off your hands by operating a virtual mail room for your accounts receivable department.

All AR Documents

Of course the processing other documents received by the Accounts receivable department such as address change notifications, correspondence, gone away returns and account applications can be automated and streamlined to get the information from the page into your systems faster and for less cost.

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