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Automatic Forms Processing and Data Capture

Forms for processing and Data Capture
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Getting Data From Forms

Capturing data on paper forms is very flexible, they are easy to distribute and the person completing them needs nothing more technical than a pen. The issues start to arise when getting what is written on the form into computer systems, this is a time consuming manual task and can tie up teams of data operators or other office staff.

Common Issues With Forms

Bad hand writing, rushed filling, even poor forms design all make it hard to accurately capture exactly what the person completing the form has written which can slow down the capture leave errors detrimental to business process and impact negatively on client confidence.

Let PaperMountains Take Away The Problems Of Forms Capture

PaperMountains document scanning bureau will scan and automatically capture the data on forms. Should it be required validation of the data is possible against existing data sources to give the highest possible accuracy. Problem documents are handled by our experienced data validation and quality teams.

Data Delivered Directly Into Existing Systems

Once the data is validated it is submitted to existing business systems in real time and statistics about the forms collated. Electronic images of the forms are available on-line instantly and linked to the data captured.

Plan Ahead Spend Less

Our consultants are able to assist with the design of forms to make them capture friendly, thereby reducing the on going cost of capturing the data from the completed forms.

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