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Proof of Delivery Processing

Proof of Delivery Processing - make sure your clients know what you are invoicing them for.
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Track Proof Of Deliveries

Companies who regularly collect or deliver goods or service and rely on paper based notes and dockets to acknowledge deliveries by clients will need to call upon that paperwork to support invoices as well as providing proof of deliveries and identifying who acknowledged the receipt of the product.

Improve Your Customers Experience

Not finding these documents and getting them to the client can cause damage to your companies reputation, tie up staff and cause a bottleneck which slows down you getting paid. In the worst cases you may not get paid at all.

Proven Track Record

PaperMountains has experience of digitising delivery and collection notes in a way which makes them easily accessible when needed and can even distribute them them via an easy to use secure portal for your clients. This allows them to self serve proof of delivery requests based on the invoice numbers so your staff are free to do more productive work and your clients have all the information they need to pay your invoices.

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