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Gone Away Processing

Capture the details from gone away people on your mailing list when they returned to sender.
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Reduce Mail Shot Wastage

Organisations which use direct mail to deliver a marketing message will try to keep their database up to date, however circumstances change and contact details may change. Identifying people who have gone away from an address early stops you wasting money on repeat mails that will never be read.

Not Just For Marketing Mail

Marketing is not the only part of an organisation which can benefit from the efficient processing of return to sender or gone away returns, the accounts department can benefit by knowing not to waste paper and postage on statements and reminder letters to someone who has moved away.

Protect Your Reputation

Many people object to getting mail repeatedly from the same companies for someone who is no longer at the address. Reduce the damage to your good name that this can cause by getting the names and addresses taken out of the database sooner.

Let PaperMountains Process Gone Away Notifications For Less

Have the return address set to the PaperMountains virtual post room and we will capture the relevant information from the returned post such as recipient, post code, campaign number and reason for return such as gone away or deceased if specified by the returner.

Plan Ahead to Reduce Costs Further

PaperMountains offers a consultancy service to assist you to design outgoing mail so that gone away returns can be processed faster and at a further cost reduction.

Use the Contact Us Panel or FREEPHONE 0808 281 1100 now to find out more information about reducing your costs by using the PaperMountains gone away and returned mail processing service.
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We handle all the post scanning

Our Virtual Mail Room facility means you won't have to worry about identifying the returns and they're reasons, we will do it for you! Less time on the post means less money spent.

Scalable Scanning Solutions

No matter how many goneaways you have now, or think you will have in the future, we can offer you the same level of service for all of them.

Fixed cost per return

Rather than charging you one sum despite the quantity, we charge by the number of returns we receive. This means there will be no risk of you paying us a large sum of money, and then us having no returns to sort for you.