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Large Format Scanning, Plan & Drawing Scanning

Scan,digitise and convert large format drawings and plans
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Scan drawings and reduce costs

The storage and handling of large format paper documents such as maps, plans, drawings and blueprints can take up a large amount of space and be hard to handle, particularly if they are part of a large archive going back many years where the paper is starting to deteriorate.

How Drawing Scanning Works

Scan your large format plans, drawings etc and you allow these documents to be easily searched for and viewed by anyone in the organisation quickly and from any connected device, even mobile devices such as laptops, notepads and phones.

Without the need to keep lots of paper to hand you can reduce your costs by occupying less office space and spending less time physically away from your desk searching.

Let PaperMountains reduce your workload

Let PaperMountains’ large format document scanning bureau collect, scan and make available to view your large format documents, plans and drawings using our Online Archive, CD/DVD Archive or have them added to your own electronic document management (EDM) system system such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Documentum or Opentext Livelink.

Convert them to CAD

Drawing scanning is the first step; Make the most of the intellectual property that you have in the form of historical paper based plan archives and have them converted to CAD files so that they can be used alongside your new computer generated drawings.

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  • Architectural Drawing Scanning
  • Electronic Component Schematic Scanning
  • Engineering Drawing Scanning
  • Scanning Circuit Diagrams
  • Railway Signalling Diagram Scanning
  • Scanning Traffic Management Plans
  • Local Authority Plan Scanning
  • Street Management Document Scanning
  • Compliance Documentation Scanning

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Reclaim your office with architectural drawing scanning

Large format drawings and plans which are currently stored as paper in your office because you need to have access to them at short notice by their very nature take up large amounts of space in hanging cabinets or in shelving.

Scan these and make the digital images available on your network to all authorised staff within seconds and you can either get rid of the paper altogether or put it into low cost off site storage.

Find scanned drawings within seconds

All your large format drawings, plans and schematics will be available to authorised uses on their computers within seconds simply by searching for your existing drawing or plan reference number.

Staff working from home or on site can be granted access to them from their laptop or mobile device.

Reduce Costs

Expensive members of staff are no longer have to spend time walking to and searching for the physical drawing which allows them to do something productive with the time.

Remote workers do not have to physically visit the office or have copies made and sent to them via courier to have access to the plans, which not only stops having to pay for waiting and travel time, it reduces their carbon footprint as well.

No need to redraw from scratch

When you have large format plans and drawings which date from before cad or the original cad files have been lost, having a scanned image of the paper is useful not only as a backup but also as a way of getting the drawing converted to an editable format.

Using automatic tools coupled with experienced technicians we are able to convert the drawings to computer aided design files which can be added to or amended without you having to go to the expense of drawing from scratch manually.

Large Format Scanning Of Drawings To Reduce Storage Costs

By Scanning large format plans and drawings which are currently stored in your office building and putting the originals in archive storage will reduce what you spend on storing the paper, particularly if you are located in a city or town centre with high costs per square foot for rent and rates.

Take away the paper and you are no longer paying these charges for space that is basically dead and you can use it for fee earners, productive staff or even if you wish down size the space you are occupying.

You may even be in a position to rent the space and generate extra income.

Why Plan Scanning & Drawing Scanning Increase Document Security

Most people don't like to think what would happen if they lost a single drawing, let alone their entire archive, particularly if the drawings pre date CAD or no master file exists for them. When you scan your large format paper plans and drawings you can treat them the same way you do any other electronic file.

Backups become possible so you can implement a disaster recovery plan in the same way you would for your accounts, crm or cad files.