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Workflow Automation and Document Workflow Processing

Control how documents are processed in your organisation using workflow and data driven tools, with scan and capture being the first stage in initiating the process.
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Define Processes

Keeping levels of consistency and quality within a business process is simple if you are dealing with very controlled inputs such as web forms, however it gets increasingly difficult where paper forms are added or the originating correspondence is a Fax, email or letter without a pre-defined structure.

Be Consistent

Workflow or case management allows you to use predefined processes for certain categories of documents to go through with milestones, approval criteria, inbuilt timings and service levels which guarantee that you handle any business process in the desired way.

Reduce Costs

To automate the processing of documents in this way allows even the most complicated tasks to be completed efficiently, without waste and build a confidence around your company for your employees, clients and suppliers.

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Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing

Accurately and quickly capture the contents of incoming invoices, match them against purchase orders and populate your accounts package, CRM or SAP system with the data and get the relevant approvers to electronically sign off the payment.

Complaints Management

Complaints Management

When a Fax, email or letter arrives with a complaint this will trigger a series of actions to analyse, respond to and ultimately make your client happy. By capturing this early and using workflow to manage it you can be assured that you will meet all of the criteria you and your regulator set as well as exceeding the expectations of your clients.