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Invoice Scanning Services

Handling and processing incoming invoices can be a time consuming and costly exercise with many organisations having thousands of active suppliers, varied currencies and multiple legal entities to deal with, add into the mix invoices for processing arriving by post, fax, email and you can see why many accounts payable departments do not operate as efficiently as they could be.

Choose PaperMountains to handle your invoice processing and we will handle all of this for you.

Highly Flexible

We open and scan the invoices then capture the data which is submitted as transactions to the accounts system. The images are stored in an electronic document management system and linked to the data accounts solution so they can easily be viewed by the users.

Electronic & Paper

PaperMountains sets up a custom virtual mail room set up with business process workflows designed to capture and validate the contents of the invoices. Faxes, emails and electronic formats such as PDF, Word and Excel can be applied to these workflows along with the scanned paper giving a single process for all invoices.

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Paper Document Scanning b Data Capture and Forms Processing Automate document processing

Paper Invoices

PaperMountains will receive from a post office box dedicated to invoices and credit notes.

Envelopes will be opened and the invoices will be scanned and their contents captured. This is done using a sophisticated set of rules.

Fax and Email

Invoices arriving into the company are redirected or copied to a dedicated email inbox. From there they are picked up automatically and are processed as if they were a scanned image.

Accounts Entry

PaperMountains will automatically send the information captured from the invoice either directly into your accounts systems, such as Sage, as a file which can be batched processed or in a spreadsheet.

Document Access

The Invoices In and Credit notes will be automatically uploaded to the Online archive or whichever document management system you choose and be available to authorised users who can search using any of the meta data captured from the Invoices.

Your accounts, CRM or other system may be linked to intelligently recall documents direct from the archive based on criteria such as the account you are currently viewing which would return a list of images (invoices) received from them.

Procurement to Payment

If you wish to gain more control over the process of paying invoices, a Procurement to Payment management system can be used to take the information we capture from the invoices and control who gets paid what and when.

Ask us about more details about a Procurement to Payment Solution tailored to your needs.