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Employee Survey Management and Employee Survey Processing

Capture the results from staff surveys or employee questionnaires quickly and efficiently
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Spend Less On Processing Surveys

Finding out what employees are thinking is important, not only, because it gives the opportunity for them to voice grievances, make suggestions and comment on their working environment but also because it allows the organisation to understand whether they are in step and up to date with the company's vision, goals and direction.

The Bigger Your Organisation is The More Issues You Get

Many employees spread over a many locations nationally or globally, greatly adds to the challenges involved in collecting and collating the survey data. There can be regional issues to do with paper size, print quality, multiple languages or location specific questions. These factors quickly turn a simple survey into a big project with multiple versions arriving in the post and by courier to be opened, sorted and processed.

Let PaperMountains Take Away The Problems

PaperMountains document scanning bureau will receive the surveys open the envelopes and capture the answers your employees give as well as meta data on the questionnaire to enable you to monitor return rates and other statistics. As we get the data we will return it to you in the format of your choosing so you can chase sites or departments that are likely to miss the processing cut off deadline.

Design Well ... Spend Less on Capture

We have capture specialists who can work with you to design capture friendly forms that will help get the information in quicker and at a lower cost and can even help set up mixed format surveys so that staff who have and prefer electronic access can complete on-line surveys and the results be tied together with the paper based questionnaires.

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