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Online Archive Document Storage

Paper files securely stored and available anywhere by scanning using the online archive electronic document management system. A flexible electronic archiving system to suite any budget.
Document Management, Secure Paper Shredding, Confidential Destruction, Book Scanning, Scanning Services Electronic Document Management System
Document Management, Secure Paper Shredding, Confidential Destruction, Book Scanning, Scanning Services Pay Only For What You Use
Document Management, Secure Paper Shredding, Confidential Destruction, Book Scanning, Scanning Services No IT Overheads
Document Management, Secure Paper Shredding, Confidential Destruction, Book Scanning, Scanning Services Documents Protected
Document Management, Secure Paper Shredding, Confidential Destruction, Book Scanning, Scanning Services Work From Anywhere
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Stress Free Online Document Storage

Efficiently scanning and indexing paper files is where the first cost reductions are made, however further and potentially greater efficiency, productivity and cost benefits can occur by entering them into a well structured electronic archive.

PaperMountains supplies e-documents in the format of your choice, PDF, Tiff etc which can be imported into any document management system or electronic archiving system such as Sharepoint, Documentum or Livelink, however building running and maintaining such a system can be an expensive exercise.

Online Archive The Power you need

The PaperMountains On-line Archive is an easy to use, highly featured secure document repository which allows you to search, access and share your documents with colleagues. Accessible from any PC, Tablet or smart phone via a web browser it offers the features usually only associated with dedicated in house systems.

Online Archive Security and Reliability

Built with leading industry standard components the PaperMountains Online Archive has been designed with security in mind and can be configured to your organisational structure. Servers replicate, load balance and fail over between alternate locations to rule out single points of failure and keep running reliably.

Electronic Archiving That Grows With You

As you add documents, departments and users the Online Archive will grow with you giving access to different features and functions as required so you don't have to worry about being stuck in an obsolete system or have to migrate unnecessarily as your needs change.

Pay Only For What You Use

Our fair price policy ensures that you only pay for what you use which makes the Online Archive highly cost effective particularly compared to owning a system with prices starting at £9.99 per month.

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Secure Electronic Storage

All your documents will be hosted in our servers protected by 128 bit encryption and a tried and tested security framework. We have strict account management policies and account locking procedures as well as automated monitors to watch and deal with attempts to look at your documents illegally. A full audit trail is also available so you can see exactly who has accessed what and what they did with it.

Access Anywhere

Once your documents have been scanned onto your Electronic Online Archive, they will then be available to you whenever you need them, wherever you need them. This could be in the office, at home, on the move, on a client’s site, in every branch office or even overseas.

Fast Document Access

Here at Paper Mountains we work with you to optimize your data so our powerful servers can search and return your documents in seconds. This means you’ll be able to deal with inquiries right away without having to phone back after an extensive search.

Easy to Use

We took the most commonly needed features from our enterprise level solutions and integrated them into an intuitive web front end so as to make searching and locating your documents easier for you.

Ready Made Applications

We have many ready to use templates for common document types such as Purchase Invoices, Credit Notes, Statements, Proof of Delivery, Waste Tickets and Expenses. These templates can either be used as they are or can be viewed as a starting point for a tailor made solution.


You have the option of customising the online archive to reflect your company and the way you want it to work. From colour schemes and logos to user access and permissions, you can change almost anything about the Archive to suit you and your company.


The Electronic Online Document Archive is scalable and no matter how many users or documents you have we have the solution to suit. We can work with anything from single users in a small business up to enterprise wide solutions.

High Availability DMS

We know that you may need to access your documents at anytime and from any place which is why we have designed the Electronic Online Archive as a true follow the sun system with a high availability and redundancy spread across a number of secure data centres.

Low Cost - High Value

Whatever your size the Paper Mountains Electronic Online Document Archive will provide you with a cost effective solution no matter on how many users you have because the software is full blown enterprise level and you only pay for the functions and storage you use.

Hassle Free

Choose the Paper Mountains Electronic Online Document Archive and you will be up and running in next to no time. Our highly experienced design time will configure the system to all your requirements so you won’t have to worry about a thing.


Another part of the customisable highlights of the online archive is that you only pay for the modules that you need to meet your requirements. Some of these modules are:

Self Scan Options

Once we have helped you to conquer your paper mountain, you then have the option of setting up regular collections for us to come and take away and scan. Alternatively you can use our “Archive Direct” applications to handle the whole process in house or choose “Scan and Store” to send the documents to our data entry team for indexing.

E-Document Ready

You can store electronic documents such as word, excel, cad and many others alongside scanned paper documents within the online archive without printing, saving you time, materials and money as well as not having to go to the expense of running and maintaining two or more separate systems.