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Document Indexing and Data Capture Services

Let PaperMountains scan and index your documents so you can find them quickly from any authorised computer or mobile device.
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Smart Document Indexing To Reduce Costs

Add value to your scanned images by indexing them by data they contain; this index or meta data is used to search for and find documents when you need them.

Document Indexing Services

Choose the fields that you will use to recall the scanned images dependant on document type (Invoice Number, Customer ID, File Date, Post Code etc) and balance that against how often you expect to be searching to find the optimum way of identifying your electronic documents.

This meta data should give a unique way of identifying a document so that nothing gets lost in the system or takes a long time to find without being so heavy that the work of document indexing outweighs the savings made by faster retrievals. PaperMountains has experienced specialists who will be able to guide you to finding the working balance for your document indexing requirements.

PaperMountains Document Indexing & Data Capture Services

PaperMountains' document scanning bureau will scan and index your documents so you get all of the benefits of correctly indexed documents without having the infrastructure cost of scanners, servers and software as well as not having to train staff and remove them from their other tasks to prepare the documents, scan and index the paper.

Data Capture Services

PaperMountains data capture services have invested technology that allows for the quick yet validated manual indexing of documents. Data capture systems which allow us to capture data automatically then validate the indexed document fields against existing data sets such as post codes, your client data or purchasing system combine to deliver faster data capture with higher indexing accuracy at less cost to you.

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