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Short Term Document Storage

Standard document archive boxes stored in the short term archive to give respite whilst a long term archive, scan and destroy policy is devised
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Short Term Document Archive

If you are moving offices, condensing into smaller premises, have acquired a company or have building work about to take place where you currently hold your documents and need to store them for the short term, the PaperMountains Respite Archive is the perfect solution for you.

How It Works

Our respite storage solutions mean you can store your documents quickly and easily, for as long as you need. The documents are catalogued in the Pactrak portal the same as for the long term document archive, however should you need to retrieve them they are physically stored in a location that can be accessed in less time.

Extra Assistance

Should you need assistance to get on top of your paper mountain we can take all your documents into respite storage and work with you to identify what you have, work out a system for cataloguing them and then Scan some, Archive some and securely destroy those you no longer need to keep. This will greatly improve your ability to get organised efficiently and without disrupting your day to day work.

There When You Need It

You may also take advantage of our short term archive for those documents which need to be kept in their original form for a certain amount of time before being destroyed (perhaps after scanning).

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