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Welcome to the PaperMountains document management, Scan, archive and capture website.
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Who Are PaperMountains?

PaperMountains is a Total Document Management Company which is dedicated to helping it's clients streamline their document management and handling processes to achieve reductions in costs, improve efficiency, and maximise security whilst extracting more value from the intellectual property contained in their files.

How We Do This.

Our suite of products & services enable companies to handle and manage documents intelligently at every stage of their life cycle, efficiently capturing the data they contain to populate other systems and drive forward business processes in less time with greater accuracy. Boasting a state of the art records management solution which seamlessly integrates with both physical and electronic data archives, secure storage is assured for the retention period of the documents.

Document Scanning

Scanning files, folders, books, plans and microfilm enables us to not only reduce the storage footprint and associated costs for files but also significantly reduce the time it takes to search for and find them using advanced indexing techniques on delivering them to desktop or mobile devices.

Electronic Archiving

By digitising and storing documents in electronic format the can be made secure, distributed and accessed across the enterprise.

Data Capture & Indexing

Leverage the information contained on paper documents and forms by capturing it to index the documents, populate other systems and automate business processes.

Secure Shredding

A robust confidential destruction process to BS-EN 15713 protects your paperwork after you have finished with before it is recycled so that you can do your bit for the environment.

Physical Document Archiving

Our secure document archives keep paperwork in the optimum conditions to ensure that when a document is needed it can be found quickly and isin a readable condition.
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Local To You

Local To You

Where PaperMountains collect waste paper documents from for archiving, scanning, secure shredding, confidential destruction, pulping and recycling.

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Accreditations & Associations

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