Large Format Scanning, Document Imaging, Plan & Drawing Scanning - Overview

Large Format Scanning, Plan & Drawing Scanning

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Scan,digitise and convert large format drawings and plans
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Scan and reduce costs

The storage and handling of large format paper documents such as maps, plans, drawings and blueprints can take up a large amount of space and be hard to handle, particularly if they are part of a large archive going back many years where the paper is starting to deteriorate.

How Drawing Scanning Works

Scan your large format plans, drawings etc and you allow these documents to be easily searched for and viewed by anyone in the organisation quickly and from any connected device, even mobile devices such as laptops, notepads and phones.

Without the need to keep lots of paper to hand you can reduce your costs by occupying less office space and spending less time physically away from your desk searching.

Let PaperMountains reduce your workload

Let PaperMountains’ large format document scanning bureau collect, scan and make available to view your large format documents, plans and drawings using our Online Archive, CD/DVD Archive or have them added to your own electronic document management (EDM) system system such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Documentum or Opentext Livelink.

Convert them to CAD

Drawing scanning is the first step; Make the most of the intellectual property that you have in the form of historical paper based plan archives and have them converted to CAD files so that they can be used alongside your new computer generated drawings.

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