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Long Term Document Archiving Service

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Document Archiving For Peace of Mind

Files form an important part of an organisations intellectual property; Not only can they be the records on which compliance is demonstrated and legal cases built but it can be a legal requirement to produce them when called upon. Despite this documents often get archived in unsuitable locations such as attics, store rooms, basements, under desks, in warehouses, barns, shipping containers and self storage units.

Paper Mountains can offer a wide range of services to combat these difficult problems. We are experts when handling documents and are able to offer a wide range of services including: Archive Storage Solutions, Document Storage Solutions, Archival Storage or Archives and Records Management.

Boxes of paper records which are stored in these and other makeshift areas may be exposed to damp, excess heat or cold, vermin, mould or fungus and even chemical contamination which could lead to them being degraded, even destroyed and information lost as a result. It is therefore Imperative for companies or business to Archive Documents to prevent such problems occurring. If you require any Long Term Archiving Solutions or Archival Storage, we can be of assistance.

Develop A Document Archive Strategy

Files created in different locations and departments across an organisation tend to evolve organically with the day to day in mind and the long term storage needs get overlooked. An Archiving Strategy pulls all your files into the same framework which is understood organisation wide, ensuring that no matter what personnel or organisational changes take place your paper archive remains accessible and useful.

What PaperMountains Can Do For Your Document Archive

When it comes to Archiving Documents, PaperMountains are one of the UK’s leading Archive Companies, and we have many years’ experience in this industry. Let PaperMountains act as your archiving partner and we will assist you to develop and adhere to your archiving strategy which is tailored to suit your needs. We have assisted many companies with Archives and Records Management, Archival Storage and Document Archiving Solutions. We believe it should be simple, easy to communicate yet robust enough to ensure that documents can be easily retrieved when required, no matter how many years away that is. Our intuitive, easy to use yet powerful records management system keeps track of boxes and files which are in the archive, even when they are recalled for reference and pinpoints their location to the position on the shelf when in our facilities.

Should you already have a records management system or electronic catalogue in place we are able to import that information into our Records Management System so as not to be doubling up on the work. Our services make Archiving Documents easy and hassle free!

Packing Service

If the files you want to archive are in file cabinets, folders and in relative disorder, don't panic we are able to make sense of it and pack the files so that they comply with your Archive Strategy, you do not need to spend lots of you and your colleagues valuable time filling boxes.

Document Catalogue Service

For boxes which are not already catalogued we can do this for you, we can even validate the existing catalogue for a belt and braces approach. Our Document Storage Systems and Archive Storage Solutions will help monitor and organise any documents or files that you may have.


In our Archive facilities your boxes are safe, secure and can be located to the shelf when you recall them; helping make your archive documents easily accessible.


When you need something from the archive simply email or request it from your portal and we will pick it from our repository and depending on your requirement deliver it to you physically or scan and index the documents for you to retrieve from the portal.

Use the Contact Us Panel or FREEPHONE 0808 281 1100 now to find out more about document archiving services from PaperMounains.
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