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Document Packing and Document Archiving

Let PaperMountains experienced technicians pack, catalogue and archive your paper documents to keep the cost of the archiving project down and keep you free to do your day job.
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Reduce costs by packing efficiently

When getting paperwork into order for archiving, loading the archive box correctly and cataloguing the contents with the most appropriate information will reduce your costs over the term of the storage.

Too much in a box rips the the handles and pushes the sides, too little and there is space for the walls to be pushed in, therefore use a systematic approach to packing and you will have less damaged boxes to replace.

Buy boxes once

Choose the strong, purpose designed PaperMountains archive box and pack it well and you reduce the risk from crush damage, box collapse or seam splits which could damage, cause documents to get lost or even mix the the contents of boxes. The PaperMountains Box For Life guarantee gives you the peace of mind that damaged boxes will not adversely effect your documents.

Let PaperMountains take away the work of document packing

PaperMountains will send a team of experienced bureau technicians and pack your files into archive boxes, correctly cataloguing the contents and label them ready for shipping to our archiving facility.
Use the Contact Us Panel or FREEPHONE 0808 281 1100 now to find out more information about our document packing service can get you ready to archive quickly.
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