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Document Scanning Companies and Mail Scanning Services

Scan, process and capture the mail for your customer service department, either in house or using the PaperMountains virtual digital mail room to enhance your customers experience of you.
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A mixed post bag

When thinking about customer service departments and the documents they process most people think of complaints and how they are handled, of course this forms a large part of their function, however in many companies they also handle other correspondence such as surveys, address changes, gone away processing, amendments to services, repairs returns etc.

Let us process it for you

A PaperMountains document scanning bureau will capture the incoming correspondence, identify which process needs to be followed and start the workflow for your administration staff, including writing an initial email to the correspondent so they know their enquiry is being dealt with.

All Types of Correspondence

Our systems work with fax, email, sms so that no matter how your customers contact you their enquiries can all be processed using the same workflows and so deliver the same high quality of response to all.

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