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Complaints Management and Complaint Management Services

Automate the process of customer complaint handling and share the case with your whole team.
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Complaints, issues, grievances, observations, call them what you will are a sign of a customer in need. Getting a response to them in a timely manor could be the difference between winning back or loosing their business. It could also be the difference between a good or negative reference to their friends and colleagues. Regulatory bodies may also be looking to ensure complaints are dealt with by a robust process which delivers a satisfactory result in good time.

Getting the process started as quickly and efficiently as possible shows good intentions to the correspondent and gives you more time to process the issue. Incoming correspondence by letter, fax, email and web submission can all be made to follow the same process - which means less cost to implement, run and revise.

The Tools to reduce costs

Using a PaperMountains virtual post room either for processing all your correspondence or just the customer service department will allow complaints to be identified then channelled to the correct department, team or person.

Initial Tracking

PaperMountains can automatically send out initial acknowledgements based on incoming contact details and the nature of the query, upon receipt whilst the details are sent to you leaving you free to deal with the complaint.

Easily Accessed

We will store an electronic copy of all of your correspondence against the correct client so you need not spend time searching for each individual letter. These files can be integrated with your existing CRM system so there is no additional software to learn.

We also offer the option for you to use our virtual mail room to handle all your customer services complaint correspondence or we could provide you with a system to do it in house if you don’t already have one.

Use the Contact Us Panel or FREEPHONE 0808 281 1100 now to find out more information about our complaints management processing service.
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