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Online Archive and Online Document Storage

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Paper files securely stored and available anywhere by scanning using the online archive electronic document management system.
Some organisations already benefiting from PaperMountains services

Stress Free Storage

Efficiently scanning and indexing paper files is where the first cost reductions are made, however further and potentially greater efficiency, productivity and cost benefits can occur. PaperMountains supplies e-documents in the format of your choice, PDF, Tiff etc which can be imported into any document management system such as Sharepoint, Documentum or Livelink, however building running and maintaining such a system can be an expensive exercise.

The Power you need

The PaperMountains On-line Archive is an easy to use, highly featured secure document repository which allows you to search, access and share your documents with colleagues. Accessible from any PC, Tablet or smart phone via a web browser it offers the features usually only associated with dedicated in house systems.
vSecurity and Reliability Built with leading industry standard components the PaperMountains Online Archive has been designed with security in mind and can be configured to your organisational structure. Servers replicate, load balance and fail over between alternate locations to rule out single points of failure and keep running reliably.

Grows With You

As you add documents, departments and users the Online Archive will grow with you giving access to different features and functions as required so you don't have to worry about being stuck in an obsolete system or have to migrate unnecessarily as your needs change.

Pay Only For What You Use

Our fair price policy ensures that you only pay for what you use which makes the Online Archive highly cost effective particularly compared to owning a system with prices starting at £9.99 per month.

Use the More Info Panel or FREEPHONE 0808 281 1100 now to find out more information about the Online Archive Document Management and Electronic Archiving System.
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